Dr. Karyne Messina





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Washington Center for Psychoanalysis Inc.
Currently serve as Training and Supervising Analyst in the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program, faculty member in the former Modern Perspectives on Psychotherapy Program, and guest lecturer in the Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program. Faculty member of the new Psychoanalytic Studies Program.

George Washington University 
Serve as clinical supervisor for the Center for Professional Psychology of George Washington University.  Supervise individual and group doctoral-level psychology students.

Washington School of Psychiatry
Participated in design of the curriculum and taught in the Object Relations Theory and Training Program in Washington, DC. Taught summer workshops at the Tavistock Clinic in London (1992).  Participated in the design of summer workshops taught in Paris (1993).  Currently serve on the core faculty of the Infant and Young Child Observation Program.  In this group I help design the curriculum and serve as an instructor and group, seminar leader.

National Institute for Science and Technology
Served as consultant in the Health Unit. Conducted individual intakes, provide individual psychotherapy and designed and presented training seminars for Institute employees. Worked at this facility in conjunction with my private practice. 

George Washington University 
Developed, designed, and taught courses in the Human Services Program.

Prince George’s County School Board
Served as a resource specialist in special education.  Instructed special needs students.  Developed and taught workshops for teachers.  Served as chair of the School Instructional Team.  Assessed individual student needs through diagnostic evaluation, participated in early identification programs and facilitated parent, counseling groups.

Served as instructor for inner-city adolescents enrolled in pre-vocational development programs. Worked with clients in profoundly retarded wing.  Responsibilities at this facility included instructing, counseling, job-training and community liaison services.

Palm Beach Public School
Served as instructor in non-graded school.  Provided in-service training for teachers and administrative staff.


Analytic Writing (2nd, 3rd and 4th year classes)
Child, Adolescent and Adult Case Conferences
Infant Observation
British Middle School Theorists
Survey Courses (including all current psychodynamic  and psychoanalytic theories)
Human Development/Pathological Formations
Human Services
Freud 1911 to 1920
Role Task and Boundary
Psychoanalytic Technique