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Psychotherapy with Dr. Messina is a collaborative process with all patients to help them learn about themselves as they work towards solving conflicts and other life issues. It starts with an assessment of what each person wants from life as well as learning about his or her struggles.
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The benefits of educational and psychological testing are multi-faceted. Whether your child learns differently or is gifted, knowing his or her strengths and weaknesses while integrating this information into individual, educational plans gives each child the most optimal chance for success. The results of testing highlight strengths as well as the specific nature of any problems.
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Psychoanalysis is unlike any other experience in life.  It involves a special relationship between an individual and his or her analyst. Dr. Messina's approach is a relational way of working since she strongly believe the process works best when two people collaborate together to help the patient learn about him or herself.
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Getting into the right college is important for many students and parents. The years leading up to the time when applications are due are stressful as students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. But experts say top schools are looking for students with unique interests and experiences that they know well. Quality is more important than quantity.
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A therapist helps patients facing various difficulties find solutions to their current problems through counseling. These problems can most often be solved more easily in collaboration with a professional who assists them in their decision-making process.

People can get stuck in a job they hate, impacting their interaction with others as well as the general quality of their lives.  Through career counseling Dr. Messina collaborates with patients to develop insight into their career choices and professional goals.
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My approach to coaching is to collaborate with people to determine what goals are important to them.  Together we develop strategies to accomplish these goals and work to understand what has prevented them from accomplishing their previous aspirations.
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Many people hang on to the notion that each member of a compatible couple or happy family must experience the world in a similar way as other people in their family. In couples and family counseling Dr. Messina helps patients understand the importance of allowing other people to have their own take on an event or experience. Learning to respect another person's individual way of viewing life and giving them the opportunity to freely express themselves leads to the very important step of developing better relationships as well as a stronger sense of self.
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Some new parents are overwhelmed by the arrival of a new child, They may be sleep-deprived, depressed or overly anxious and can lose focus on the new baby or may not be attuned to the baby's needs. Dr. Messina is happy to help you through these wonderful yet challenging experiences. She has worked with a parent or parents who have additional issues that come with adoption,as well as struggles that sometimes arise in raising a child as a same-sex couple.
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Frequently, custody decisions are made and agreed upon without a thorough assessment of all family members which should be a central part of the decision-making process. As a therapist, Dr. Messina is an unbiased expert who can study the situation, evaluate and interview all family members, and administer tests that can help determine what the most optimal living situation is for everyone's sake.
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