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Psychotherapy to me is about collaborating with other people to help them learn about themselves as they work towards solving conflicts and other life issues that they are faced with, sometimes on a daily basis.

When I see a new patient for a consultation the first time, I attempt to assess what they want from life and from what they are struggling. I do this along with each person so together we can determine what is best for them at the current time. Sometime people want to work on one problem and then develop a greater desire to explore and be curiosity about there internal world. Often in these situations, we work more intensely with more frequency to search for what is meaning to them and how they want to navigate in the world with choice versus feeling they must comply with the wisher of others. In the pursuit of becoming freer, patients often come to know that the door to their own "personal and internal prison cell" is not locked; all they need to do is open the door and walk toward a freer and more fulfilling life.