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My approach to coaching is to collaborate with my clients to determine what goals are important to them.  Thereafter, together we develop strategies to accomplish the plans developed, as well as a timeline in which these strategies are to be completed. As a part of this process, it is often important to help people understand what has prevented them from accomplishing their previous aspirations.

Equally important is to understand what feelings have accompanied "blocks" in realizing their objectives and ambitions in the past. This includes understanding self-sabotaging ways that have prevented success. In this type of work, clients are frequently asked to keep a log of what feelings they have when they are stuck and unable to do what they have planned each day. At times, through collaboration, the client and I set up tasks to be completed before our next meeting.

As is the case of with career counseling, a battery of career assessment instruments are sometimes suggested as an option prior to beginning the coaching process in order to help people assess their true interests and aptitudes.