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People can get stuck in a job they hate which impacts how they interact with others as well as the general quality of their lives.  Often people are depressed when their job is something they dread. A career frequently is chosen because of family expectations. "Dad was a lawyer so we've always talked about my presence in the firm since I was a child."  Or, "I feel like I have to keep the family tradition going by taking over the company, but I hate sales."

Some people continue working with me as a coach once they have determined in which direction they want to go because of the new insights they have gleaned about their initial career choice often driven by others versus what they really want to do.

People also often continue to work with me in psychotherapy to better understand what has kept them from realizing their goals in the past so that through understanding, new ways of navigating in the world can be incorporated into the way they approach work as well as other events that are like to occur in the future.